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Network 23 rebels. Utopian scum, highway pirates, sidecar gladiators, pest exterminators, skull trephinators, techno-nikilists, blade runners. Fringe theories and subculture galore


Discover new places and gain Thoughts, engage in high-speed chases on the highways of the Off-grid, brave the Interzone


The future is not just unevenly distributed, it's also schizophrenic.
Arpanet and floppy disk, cyber implants and bioresearch. Acid communes and grim Molochs


Test your wits rather than your character sheet, find creative ways to deal with lethal encounters, build your own sandbox


Quick and brutal
2 pages of rules 5 minutes to learn
Your next character is one bad decision and 5 card draws away


A Black-Jack based system on standard poker decks, quick to learn and easy to teach and customise. Or hack it back to a D10 roll-low system.

Pirate utopias

Join the revolution and/or destroy


What’s in your future? Green ecopunk protopias which harness energy biomassing the hell out of Control agents? Cyberpunk spawls of vice, gangs and acid rain? Post-atomic toxic wastelands of mutants, ravers and slavers? Slick vertical dystopias of Kafkian bureaucracy and trans-humanism? The Rave New World is vast and fragmented, you will find a corner for your wildest futures just like for any kind of Earth-bound sci-fi.

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The Most Amazing PARTY

CLASSLESS AND JOBLESS, Rave New World’s antiheroes fuel their thirst for progression through the development of thoughts they encounter when interacting with people, media and the environment. the NPCs survival rate is thus increased by at least 20%.

William Blake

Raised and bred in the citadel of Cybele, thrown out from 99th floor for trying to steal plans of the Triple Helix Project. His head, still containing part of the stolen data, was found by a recycler and a new body was found for him out of used cyber parts. He left the slum for the Off-grid where he joined an acid commune. Expert in security measures, infiltration and social engineering. 20k credits, refrigerated or alive.


Raised by a coven of blood-witches in the woods surrounding the Citadel of Loudron, Zero has engaged in guerrilla warfare against deforestation of the area and sabotage against the construction of the underground railway connecting Loudron and Todrom, she is reported to have contacts with the Hyena people of Loudron Slum and the anarchist commune of Callagrad. Nobody has seen her face. Sharp tongue and sharp knife, master of manipulation and deceit. 10k credit, dead or alive.


Once a TV personality and affirmed behavioural scientist from the exurbia of Sandy Town, he flipped and joined the rebel forces of the Network 23, with whom he scorched a Validor plantation and torched the Channel 88 TV studios before escaping into the wild. Last sighted in Rama Valley where he is performing illegal cyber surgery for the local gangs. 2000K credits reward, alive.


Industrial Noise ``musician`` and body performer, he left a promising career as a demolition man in the Ladinovo District to join a group of hard-core ravers in the neighbouring concrete jungle. Nausicaa was initiated to the lost art of skull trepanation and started modifying his body. After a gig of his band the ``Locustcalypse``, the entire District of Ladinovo had to be quarantined by exterminators. Wanted dead or alive, 2k credits

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For enquiries, ideas, suggestions, adventure hooks, postage information, lost limbs, RPG discussion, off-grid directions etc