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Mangusta Express / MEGADECK




52 tarot-sized hoods in a custom slipcase. Infinite sprawls in your pocket,


A custom deck of 52+ cards to create and visualise your cyber megapolis. It comes with transports, waterways, hooks, NPCs, 1000+ named locations and much more.  Each card is also a map. Cards can be used as stand-alone one-page city-crawls.

A procedural city urban builder compatible with MOTHERSHIP RPG and Network 23; easily portable to any other system out there, be it OSR, PbtA, or Solo. 

Kybele, formerly known as the City of Stars. A walled vertical sprawl built around the first Space Lift of the Blue Planet, leading to the orbital station Vanishing Point, anchored on the far side of the nano-tether.

The more credits you have, the higher you can live in the city. The colour blinking on your cred-chip tells how high you can rent, what kind of rights you have, and what kind of transport you’re allowed to use. Red, Green, Blue, the chip is everything…for most people, at least.

The sprawl is an ecosystem. It changes every time you’re not looking. The sprawl has a life of its own. Sectors can gets busy or vacated from one visit to the next, they might fall into chaos or strangled by repression.

The sprawl is a battleground. Politicians, corporations and rebel factions fight for their own agenda. Pirate radios and the TV Network 23 expose inequalities, the Red Hats organise mutual help and resistance. There are many sides to fight for, and many opportunistic

The Playing Characters might be anarchists or vigilantes from backwater hoods, illegal migrants who braved the Wall, careering corpsters focused on climbing the city’s heights, rowdy kosmonauts looking for the next whiskey bar fight.

It’s CYBERPUNK, and this time it’s PUNK.


NOW SHIPPING A NEW EDITION with Red Foil instead of the red stripe. Thicker cardstock and tigther box! The product may differ from the images (it’s better).

The MegaDeck is also available on DriveThru cards. The POD edition, shipped and produced for the USA market, is different from this listing,