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Chases & Races

# STREAMLINED CHASE RULES *streamlines and supercedes the chase rules on page 40-41 of Network 23* ## READY, STEADY.. 1. **BUILDING THE TRACK** Take a standard card deck of 52 cards, shuffle it, draw...


While reading WutC I realised most of the monsters and situation could be directly translated into sci-fi without much intervention. Some even adhered to what I had in mind for...

volume 2 Monsters &

This review is an attempt to catch and write down the ideas that Monsters& + WutC set in motion. Disclosure: I worked with Luke in the past (he wrote Random Access...

Wolves upon the Coast log

Session report 1, played at home with some friends who haven't played in 20+ years. we quickly do the character sheets while explaining test resolution rules and combat, 30 minutes...

Mothership economy

The city of Kybele is connected to the orbital station Vanishing Point through a Space Lift. This makes possible for a space GTFO option, but also works the other way...

Sprawlscape, Session 0

Sprawlscape is a dirty cyber megapolis in a deck of cards. But how does it work at the table? I want to start this post with some lateral inspiration. I owned...

L’Isola delle Sopraelevate, la Foresta Cementificata

  [caption id="attachment_8750" align="alignnone" width="1500"] with the kind permission of Soham Gupta, photo from the series EDEN.[/caption]   Imprigionato e difeso dall'anello di interconnessione superstrade tra Cybele e Bolorma, l'isola di cemento cela...