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Electrified Russian fairy tales from the Soviet era for Troika!

Enter a land of lazy heroes, unruly princesses, and Progress pioneers!

Elektro Skazki is a third party supplement for use with Troika or other Old School Style RPGs, I’m trying an itchfunding for this project, let’s see how it goes. Likely I will expand it as , but additional support will help a big deal to find more time to write and illustrate the work.

Elektro Skazki take inspiration from the Russian Fairytale, updated to the Soviet era. Play as the Wolf: a hungry and misunderstood wanderer who can change identities, Baba Yaga the witch who live in a chicken legged hut, or Nina Konsamolka, the young revolutionary who believe in progress and science.

Visit the City of Progress with its Onion Domes and Censorship Dungeons, flee from the Burokrats, find your way through the Dark Woods to the Copper Mountains where the Mistress of Malachite rule, find the Lightning Bird and bring back its electric feathers to light up the Farmlands or to craft an exotic cushion for the Tzar!

Tzartva is no country for charming princes!

Also! We won the TroikaJam 2021 competition! 


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